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Stitch Laptop Sleeve in Navy

Stitch your own design on this beautiful laptop case! The envelope style pouch opens out fully so it can be stitched all over with any cross stitch design. Sew your...

Pin (The World) Cushion

This perforated faux leather pin cushion is printed with the world map designed to pin-point places on earth. Store and showcase your collection of pins and needles while also perfectly...

Stitch Your Star Sign Purse

Stitch your star-sign on this beautiful starry envelope purse! Stitch your own zodiac constellation while learning about the traits of your star sign. Includes this ‘how to stitch’ template for...

I Love NY Baggu Shopping Bag

A special Baggu created in celebration of New York's plastic bag ban. Another reason to love NY! This bag holds up to 50 lbs, or 2-3 plastic grocery bags worth...

Fabric Locket Necklace -- Rose Gold

Locket Necklace RoseGold
$44.99 $31.49

Fabric Locket Necklace -- Gold

Locket Necklace Gold
$44.99 $31.49

Fabric Locket Necklace -- Silver

Locket Necklace Silver
$44.99 $31.49

Stitch Grid Round Necklace -- Rose Gold

Stitch Grid Necklace RoseGold
$44.99 $31.49

Stitch Grid Round Necklace -- Gold

Stitch Grid Necklace Gold
$44.99 $31.49

Stitch Grid Round Necklace -- Silver

Stitch Grid Necklace Silver
$44.99 $31.49

Stork Scissor Necklace -- Gold

Stork Scissor Necklace Gold
$29.99 $20.99

Stork Scissor Necklace -- Silver

Stork Scissor Necklace Silver
$29.99 $20.99