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Make rotary cutting easier

Make rotary cutting easier

Do you struggle to cut accurately with a ruler and rotary cutter?
Do your hands get tired or cramp up, or maybe your wrist hurts from pushing down on the ruler to keep it from slipping?
Maybe you've struggled to cut through thick or heavy items (like trimming a quilted quilt for binding) because the thick and uneven material made the ruler wiggle and tilt?
Well, you're not alone!
We struggle with all these things ourselves every day, especially Ivete who has trouble with her hands cramping and getting stiff.
So when we saw this system, we got REALLY excited:
SewTites, the makers of the handy magnetic grips we love to use as a pin replacement, is launching a new magnetic cutting system, and it arrives in September!
Let's take a closer look:
Cutting Mat
Cutting Mat


We love all the improvements SewTites has made to a standard cutting mat!
Not only is this mat magnetic (so that it can grip the magnetic ruler), it's also double sided, with one light grey side and one dark grey side. You can choose the light or dark side depending on the fabric you're cutting, your vision preferences, or even what works better for taking photos!
Their mat is also an unusual size: it's 20" tall and 24" wide. Why? So that a full fat quarter will fit on it! 💯
Wondering why we're showing it twice in the picture above? Zoom in closer... the 2nd one is a mat for lefties!
That's right, the SewTites system comes in two versions: one for righties and one for lefties with the numbers going in the opposite direction 🙏🏻


The 6.5" x 24" acrylic ruler has also been improved -- its magnets will connect to the magnetic board, holding the ruler in place while you're cutting. But the magnets aren't so strong as to make it hard to move the ruler to reposition, they are just the right strength to do both.
And yes, the ruler in the lefties system is numbered the opposite way, too!
We also love that they've drawn the full inch marks in black and the half in marks in turquoise, making it easier to eyeball the measurement you're looking for.
Oh, and there are also diagonal lines marked so you can cut triangles!


Need a little extra grip sometimes? Maybe you're like Ivete and have weaker hands, or maybe you're cutting something super bulky and the magnet isn't strong enough to keep up.
That's where the magnetic "boosters" in the system come in: those turquoise cylinders you see in this photo above snap onto the ruler's existing magnets to "boost" the magnet's strength and increase the hold power.
What's really cool about the boosters is, you can use them with any ruler you already own!
They can also be used on their own without a ruler at all, like when cutting out garment patterns.
You can probably tell how much we love this system from the length of this email... we hope you've gotten excited about it, too!
If you want to see it in action, there's also a video with Jessica from SewTites. Click here to watch the video now.
Preorders are now open, and we seriously can't wait for September to arrive so we can start using ours.
Preorder yours now for shipping or pickup, and we'll get it to you as soon as they come out!
Oh and by the way, US shipping is free 🎉
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