Organizing your quilting projects

I know I’m not the only one who gets the urge to organize and sort things at the beginning of a new year… my friend Chris of Made By Chrissie D recently blogged about getting a handle on her WIPs (works in progress) and moving a lot of them into the “finished” category. She inspired a bunch of us who’re in the NYC Metro Mod Quilters Guild to take stock of our own projects and get a handle on what projects are in what stage. We talk to each other in a Facebook group and after I saw a few of my friends show photos of their notebook WIP lists, it inspired me to come up with a way to do the same thing digitally (cuz you know, I’m a nerd!).

The idea here is to identify the stages of a quilt project and then take inventory of everything you have going, putting each project in the stage that it’s at. This is very helpful in seeing that, say, you have 3 quilts that are just waiting for binding… or that you have 12 that still need to have their blocks pieced!


I decided to use Trello, a web-based app that lets you organize literally anything. I’ve created a public Trello board called Quilt Organizer that anyone can use as a starting off point for their own project tracking.

How to use the board

To use the board, copy the public board to your own account and then start adding “cards” for each of your quilts. (more detailed instructions are in the Trello board in the “Info” column)

As you work on a quilt and you move it along its progression, drag the card into the next column to show your progress. I’ve seeded the public board with 3 quilts (all of them are free Gotham Quilts patterns) to give you an idea of how you can use the board. I particularly love to upload images to the cards so that the board is easier to understand visually … and is more beautiful to look at!

My own WIPs


I copied the board for myself too, of course, and started adding my quilts to it. It’s made me realize I really need to get my butt in gear and finish that Tessellation quilt that I started over a year ago!

I hope you’ll be able to use my Trello board as a jumping off point to organize your own projects. If you have any questions or feedback, leave a comment! Do you organize your quilt projects? What system do you use?

4 thoughts on “Organizing your quilting projects

  1. Chris says:

    Loving this, I’ve just created a board and put all my UFOs/WIP on there. I’ve added a couple of lists and changed the names of some to suit the way I work and projects that aren’t quilting related. Can’t wait to share with my readers tomorrow, thanks for introducing me to Trello!!! See you Saturday at the Guild – Chris 😀

  2. Becca // Pretty Piney says:

    Thank you! I just got Trello and I’m glad I decided to Google how other quilters use it before setting up a system from scratch. This is going to be super helpful in getting everything organized. Hooray!

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