Free Candy Stripe Reversible Tree Skirt Pattern and Tutorial

Ah, the Holidays.  There is no other time of year filled with such joy and stress.  Having just moved into my first house two months ago, I was excited to get a Christmas tree and decorate for the first time in my adult life.  Although once I had the tree I realized I needed lights, and ornaments, and… a tree skirt.  Since I have a lot of fabric and not a lot of money, I decided to make one.  I found the perfect fabric for a tree skirt in Ric Rac in Coral from the Color:FULL collection by Jennifer Sampou for the top, and a simple backing of two different red solids for the back.  It makes me think of candy canes, so we’re calling it the Candy Stripe Tree Skirt, and we would like to share the pattern with you.

You may already have a tree skirt, (as it is the week before Christmas), but do you have one this cute??  It also makes a great gift for any new home or apartment dwellers.  And it’s never to early to start thinking about next year….


Click here to download the free tree skirt pattern

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 yds of Ric Rac in Coral for top panels
1 yd. each of 2 different red fabrics for back panels
54” square of the thinnest polyester  batting you can find (you want to be able to see thru it)
3/4 yd fabric for binding (or 8 yds pre-made bias binding)
matching thread

sewing machine
safety pins or basting spray
rotary cutter and 24” ruler
marking pen or pencil
masking tape



1) Tape together pages of template making sure to match registration marks.  Cut out.  Starting with the ric rac print, lay the fabric still folded so that you can cut two pieces at a time,  layout the template with the line roughly matching up with the ric rac print.     Cut out each panel by putting your ruler along the straight paper edges and cutting with your rotary cutter.   Cut along the curves freehand with the smallest blade rotary cutter you have. You need 18 in total.

Repeat with backing fabric, but instead of keeping the fabric folded, unfold and iron flat.  Lay the two reds on top of each other and cut one of each color at a time.  You need 9 of each color.


skirt panel cutting


2) Using a 1/4” seam allowance and with right-sides-together, sew panels together along one straight edge.   Press seams open.

skirt start


3) In the same way, start sewing panel sections together. Continue until all panels have been sewn together into one big piece.  Make sure you leave an opening!  Your top is now finished, and should look like this:

skirt pieced

4) Repeat with backing fabric.  Make sure the panels alternate light and dark reds.

5) To baste, lay backing face down, then layer your batting on top,  and finally put your top face up on the top.  Line up all edges of top and backing, and as best you can, line up seams on top of each other.  (This is why the see-through batting is important.)  Baste layers together.  Trim around the top, leaving an extra 2” or so of batting all the way around the circle.

skirt basted

6) Quilt as desired.  I used a straight stitch approx. 1/4” from each seam.   Machine baste 1/4” from the outside edge of the circle, then continue to baste the sides of the opening and the center opening.  Trim back and batting to size.

skirt trim


7)  Cut 4 pieces of binding, each about 18” long, and set the remainder aside.   Unfold each piece of binding and press edges in toward center fold.   Re-fold along center fold, so that binding is 4 layers thick.  Press.  Unfold one end of each tie and fold the two outer corners in to the center, creating a point.   Re-fold and press.  Topstitch along open edge and end.

8)  On back of quilt, with each tie facing towards the skirt, baste each flat end of the tie 1/4” in from the straight edge of the opening and 6” from inner or outer edge.


9)  Make 2.5” wide continuous bias binding.  Bind as usual, making sure not to catch the ties in your stitches.  On the back of the skirt, stitch ties once more along the edge of the binding so that they lay facing the opening of the skirt.  Decide which side you want to use, put under tree and enjoy!

skirt done

skirt back

For full size template and printer-friendly instructions, click here.


Happy Holidays from Andrea and Ivete at Gotham Quilts XOXO


3 thoughts on “Free Candy Stripe Reversible Tree Skirt Pattern and Tutorial

  1. liz n. says:

    This is absolutely the most perfect tree skirt! I do believe I will have to sew a few this weekend to give as gifts….and then one for our tree!

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