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Clover Applique Pins Size 12

Applique pins are shorter than regular pins and designed for pinning down small pieces while not blocking your needle and thread while stitching. Comes in a closable case. Measurement: 0.6mm...

Clover Fork Pin 1-1/2" 35ct

The double pins can quickly piece and firmly hold a slippery lining material temporarily in place. The grip of the double pin is bent for ease in handling. 0.56 x...

Clover Patchwork Glasshead Pins

Extra-fine pins, which smoothy pass through fabric. Usefulfor precise pinning in delicate piecework and applique. Head is made of iron-safe glass. Size is 0.40mm x 36 mm. 100 pins in...

Curved Safety Pins Size 2 - 75 count

Curved safety pins designed for basting together layers before quilting. Box of 75.

Dritz Flathead Number & Direction Pins

Dritz Quilting flat head pins are straight pins with white star-shaped heads; the star-shaped heads are printed with numbers or directional arrows for use in organizing quilt pieces. -Use numbered...

Dritz Glass Head Pins

High quality pins with heat-resistant heads, ideal for sewing and quilting. Pins are housed in a reusable Dritz snap-top storage box. Size 20 (1-1/4") 100 pins per package.

Pins in Breeze

100% quilting weight cotton. 45" wide. SKU - 24572 15

Pins in Off White

100% quilting weight cotton. 45" wide. SKU - 24572 11

Pins in Strawberry

100% quilting weight cotton. 45" wide. SKU - 24572 13