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Tula Pink Roar! is about to arrive

Tula Pink Roar! is about to arrive

Arriving any day now is Tula Pink's next fabric collection, Roar!, a dinosaur collection unlike any we've seen before.

Click to watch Tula's Roar! launch video

This 21 print collection is full of great illustrations, wonderful colors, and tons of possibilities!

We're super excited about the main print in this group, a double border print called Meteor Showers, which comes in Blush and Storm colors:

In the image above, you're seeing half the width of the fabric shown. The border part is at the selvage, and the other half is exactly the same (in other words, a "double border print"). Tula's never done a border print before and her first one is fantastic!

If you've never worked with a double border print before, there are SO MANY ways you can use them. Make a simple wholecloth quilt, cut up the border and background and use them as two different fabrics, fussy cut the border, make pillowcases with the border at the cuff... can you think of other fun uses?

How about this whacky idea: a bomber jacket!

Tula's awesome jacket gives you a nice idea of the scale of the border, which measures about 8" tall.

We were inspired by the double border print to design a super-simple baby quilt kit with it:

We're calling this quilt Little Roar and we're kitting it up all the fabric you need for the top, binding, and backing (that's the backing fabric peeking out from the lower right hand corner). And yes, we're offering it in both colors!

Click here to preorder Roar! now

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