What I’m Stitching – Andrea’s Michael Miller Challenge

I just finished my entry for the MQG Michael Miller Challenge.  The collection we were given was Petal Pinwheels, a group of geometrics and florals in fun fresh colors.

When I looked at the main print, it was literally speaking to me, saying “Dresden Plate! Dresden Plate!”  (I’ve also been on a bit of a dresden plate kick lately, I have to admit.)  Those flowers were the perfect center for the dresden, and all the other prints and solids were the “petals”.  The dresden plate itself went together easily, using the EZ Quilting Dresden Template from Simplicity.

Finding the fabric for the background was a little more of a challenge.  Solid yellow was too much, and solid white was just not enough.  Any print I used had to be from Michael Miller, and I just couldn’t find anything that was right.

So I made my own!

While working on the DWR challenge last fall, I tried using bleach to print circles on a colored solid, but it bled too much and just kept turning into blobs.  I gave up that time, but since then I found the Clorox Bleach Gel Pen, and have just been waiting for a reason to use it. Inspired by the grid pattern in the background of the original fabrics, I used a ruler and the bleach pen to create a white grid on Cotton Couture Canary.  It was perfect. You can see a closeup of the fabric I created above.

Would you be interested in seeing a tutorial on making your own prints using a bleach pen?  Check back for that in the future…

For the quilting, I decided to copy the motif of the dresden plate in the center and 4 corners.  The little bit of space that was left I filled in with a vine/leaf motif based on another one of the printed fabrics.  I like the way it all ties together.

To be honest, I don’t feel like this project is my normal style, but it was really the only thing I ever considered doing. The fabric made me do it.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Stitching – Andrea’s Michael Miller Challenge

  1. leanne says:

    this is just gorgeous – I’ve done a dresden too – I know just what you mean about the fabric speaking to you 🙂

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