Sunburst was inspired by streaks of sunlight sometimes captured in underwater photography. The quilt pattern is a large, graphic design which relies on collor transparency for maximum impact. Using a gradient of five colors, you will make a quilt that glows, using clever fabric placement to give an illusion of transparency. A pdf pattern is incleded in the class fee.

Learn how color value can be used to really make your fabric choices for a quilt pop! Transparency quilts are one of Yvonne’s favorite techniques, and she uses the Sunburst quilt pattern as the basis to explore color value.

For Session 1 on July 24th, Yvonne will begin with discussion about approaching fabric selection when you are working with or wanting to make a transparency quilt, and the talk includes tips and tricks on how to use common technology to your benefit when shopping online or in person. After the discussion, Yvonne will answer your individual questions to ensure you are set up for success and ready to apply what you have learned about the visual relationship between different colors, print sizes, values, and tones by working through the Sunburst pattern in Session 2 on July 31st.

The Sunburst pattern requires 4 fabrics that differ in value (Fabrics A, B, C, and D), plus an additional background fabric (Fabric E) that can complement or contrast. For the cover quilt, Yvonne extended the monochromatic color scheme out into the background. Choosing to set your piecing into different background color, like white, is another great option. Note that strong directional prints are not suggested for use in this pattern (i.e., stripes).

Tip: Making a smaller version of the quilt / using less fabric may help you be less concerned about making the perfect fabric selections. This is also why the workshop is split into 2 sessions, so we can work together to have you confident and ready to piece in Session 2!

The cover quilt was made using Robert Kaufman Kona Solids.

Fabric A: Lake

Fabric B: Niagara

Fabric C: Water

Fabric D: Malibu

Fabric E: Pacific

Skill Level. This class is suitable for beginner level quilters. Basic patchwork experience necessary

Teacher: Yvonne Fuchs, Quilting Jetgirl

This class meets 3pm - 5pm Eastern time (NYC local time) on Saturday July 24th and 3pm - 7pm Saturday the 31st. Some prepratation between classes is encouraged. A Zoom invitation will be emailed to you the day before class.

Required Session 1 Materials
Sunburst Supply List
Note: The supply list will be supplied prior to Session 1
Mobile Device (like a phone or tablet) to evaluate fabric value following the workshop instructions
Grouping of monochromatic fabrics
It is NOT required that you have your fabrics pre-cut for Session 1. In fact, you may want to wait to finalize your fabric choices after attending Session 1, so waiting to cut your fabrics is recommended.
Ideally, the monochromatic fabrics will be those you are considering cutting up to use during Session 2.
Feel free to have several monochromatic options available, even if some groupings are just scraps so that you can evaluate them using the techniques presented.

Required Session 2 Materials

Sunburst Pattern - Note - pattern will be emialed just prior to Sesson 2
Fabric - Note - Please pre-cut your fabric per the Sunburst Supply List prior to Session 2
- Sewing machine
- Piecing thread
- Iron & ironing board/surface
- Fabric marking device
- Rotary cutter & Cutting Mat
- Square ruler
- 6 1/2" square or larger for baby quilt
- 12" square or larger for lap, twin and queen quilts
- Small scissors or snips
- General Sewing Supplies - seam ripper, Stiletto, pins, etc.