Fancy Tiger Crafts Constellations


Modern patchwork meets the celestial sky and the result… an elegant cosmic design that’s perfect for modern interiors. Fancy Tiger Crafts owners, Amber Corcoran and Jaime Jennings, team up to reimagine 13 constellations using a classic minimalist approach. Discover, select and celebrate the night sky with blocks and projects that are perfect for gifting.

Amber and Jaime’s easy-to-follow, beginner-friendly approach allows you to mix and match your astrological signs and create a unique treasure for you and loved ones. Methodical construction and precision combined with the organic beauty of the night sky makes this book a new go-to for creating projects to celebrate any family occasion – weddings, welcoming babies, birthdays and even housewarmings.

Each sign of the zodiac (plus Orion) is clearly illustrated in an easy patchwork pattern that makes a 20-inch square block replicating precisely what your stargazer would see through their telescope.

Using your favorite constellations, stitch together the blocks for each astrological sign to make a starry quilt, feature a single sign in a trendy jacket or choose two for a charming table runner. Whichever project you choose, Amber and Jaime’s constellations are destined to spark imagination in a little and big dreamers alike!

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