Preorders are open for Tula Pink De La Luna fabrics

July brings one of our favorite events ever: the release of a new fabric collection from Tula Pink!

This time around, Tula brings us a Halloween-inspired collection called De La Luna. If you remember her old collection Nightshade, this one will definitely remind you of those fabrics! Here’s how Tula explains the world of this group:

The De la Luna Sisters are the not so distant cousins of the Von Black sisters, who made somewhat of a name for themselves a few years ago in collection called Night Shade. While the Von Black sisters drew their power from more earthly elements, the De la Luna sisters cull their magical gifts from the spirit realm. Once a year, as fall crashes into winter, the matriarchs of the De la Luna clan call on their ancestors, acting as vessels for their vast power.

There are 18 prints in this collection and they’re all VERY Tula. Check them out:

There’s everything in there from hidden animals, to flowers, to skulls, and the colors are gorgeously saturated yet very usable. And we’re excited to have so many great purples to work with! (Why is it so hard to find purple quilting fabrics??)

De La Luna is the first collection that will ship from Free Spirit since the change of ownership and it will ship in early June. This is a highly-anticipated Tula collection and we expect it to sell out within a week of its arrival.

That’s why we’re starting pre-orders NOW. If you know you’ll want this collection when it arrives in July, you can place your pre-order now and we will ship your bundle to you as soon as the yardage arrives.

We have full collection bundles available for pre-order — choose fat quarters, half yard, or full yard bundles.

When you place a preorder, you will enter your billing information at checkout but you will not be charged until the order ships. Please note that Apple Pay or Amazon Checkout do not support a “pay later” option, so if you choose either of those payment methods, you will be charged when you place your order.

Preorder a De La Luna bundle now

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