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Our regular blog posts are filled with fun fabrics and ideas for quilts to make. When it came time to write today’s post, I found that I couldn’t write a “normal” post. We’re been glued to the news all weekend watching the devastation that hurricane/tropical storm Harvey is inflicting on Texas.

So today, we’re asking you to help us help Texas.

The photo above (courtesy of the AP) shows the insane size of the storm while it was still out at sea. Some of the photos we’ve seen of the impact after it hit land are too upsetting to look at.

(photo via CNBC)
Houston, Texas has been slammed with nearly a year’s worth of rain in 2 days (over 2 FEET of rain have already fallen) and the rain is still coming down.

Houston holds special meaning to many quilters because it’s the place that hosts the huge yearly Quilt Festival quilt show. We visit every year for the big quilting wholesale show, Quilt Market, which happens right before Festival.

We’re usually in Houston for the better part of a week. We’ve walked Houston streets and visited the parks. We recognize some of those buildings and roads in the flood photos.

(photo via CNBC)

That same convention center we visit every year for a colorfun, fun quilt event? It is now a shelter for thousands of displaced Houston area residents. Other places in Texas, like Corpus Christi, have also been struck.

Not that many years ago, hurricane Sandy did this to us over here in the NYC area. When we look at these photos, we know what they mean.

We feel for the people of Texas. And we want to help.

How can we quilters help?

We quilters know that working little by little, you achieve something great. We cut, sew, repeat and in small increments, we eventually make a beautiful, whole quilt that is greater than the sum of its parts.The same thing applies when it comes to donations to charities that are helping on the ground. No matter what amount you can afford to donate, your donation will be joined by others and will become enough money to make a difference.

With this spirit in mind, we are matching our customers’ donations up to $1,000. So when you donate $15, it’s really $30. If you can only afford to donate $5, we’ll make that $5 turn into $10, and together, we’ll help make a difference.

Where to donate

After researching which groups are on the ground and can accept help from far away, we’ve put together this list of places to donate to and sorted them into categories:


The American Red Cross is coordinating the shelter at the convention center in Houston. When you donate to the Red Cross, you can specify which project you want your funds to go to. Watch their video and donate here. You can also donate via text message by texting the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

The Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County coordinates the city’s response to homelessness. Learn more and donate here.

Food Banks

Second Harvest Food Bank of South Louisiana is helping feed the victims of the storm. Read about their work and donate here. If you’re local to New Orleans, you can also donate supplies in person.

The Food Bank of Corpus Christi and the Houston Food Bank are also in need of monetary donations to help them feed everyone affected.


Did you know that diapers are not part of the standard supplies available in shelters? Texas Diaper Bank provides diapers and other baby supplies to those in need. Read more about them and donate here.


Not only are pets generally not allowed in the temporary shelters, some pet shelters have flooded, requiring other shelters to take in their animals.

Austin Pets Alive! has taken in over 300 animals so far, with more expected before the storm is over. Read more about them and donate here.

The SPCA of Texas has already rescued over 100 cats from a shelter in Corpus Christi. Read more about their work and donate here.

We’ll double your donation

If you donate to any of the organizations linked above, take a screenshot of your receipt showing the donation amount and email it to Ivete at ivete@gothamquilts.com. We will match your donation to the organization you chose, and send you back a screenshot of our donation. We will match donations until we reach $1,000 in match funds.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if together, our donations total $2,000? That amount sure will help people!

NOTE: Please note that we will only match donations to the organizations listed here. There are already stories of scammers trying to take advantage of the tragedy. In general, do not donate anywhere without first confirming the charity.

Why aren’t we asking for quilts?

You might be surprised that as a quilt shop, we’re NOT suggesting helping by making a quilt. There are several charity quilt drives already springing up for Harvey, and we think that’s a great way to help — LATER. After people have gone back home, rebuilt, and gotten back on their feet, a quilt is a lovely way to show someone that you care.

But right now, the best way to help from afar is to donate money to people doing the local work of housing, feeding, and taking care of those who need help.

For more about this, read Abby Glassenberg’s post The Real Truth About Crafting for Charity.


We know quilters are a loving, generous group and we trust that after we send out this email, we’ll raise lots of money for the people affected by Harvey. Together. Even if you can only afford to donate $5, thank you. We’ll thank you personally, again, when we match your donation.

One thought on “❤️ Please help us help Texas

  1. Jeanne Parent says:

    Hello Ivette,
    I have been reading about your wonderful quilt shop, and about you. I will be in New York in December around the 8th and would love to come by to say hello. i too am a quilter and love fabric, i will be looking at your Tula! I sure wish that i could go to a class, but not enough time. I would love to bring you a sew a row from Sonoma County, i live in Cloverdale and we have a great quilt shop here , Bolt, the owners name is Kate Barret . if you are curious check it out on FB i hope to stop by and say hello and get the subway sew a row.
    See you soon,
    Jeanne Parent

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