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Longarm Quilting at Gotham Quilts


Long arm quilting services are priced per square inch.

Measure your quilt and multiply the length x width to calculate how many square inches your quilt measures.

The rates are:

All over level 1 – $0.04/square inch
All over level 2 – $0.05/square inch
Basting only – $50 flat fee

Example: a 60×60 quilt is 3,600 square inches
All over level 1 – $144
All over level 2 – $180

Batting, backing, squaring, binding, and other services are available and priced separately. The binding fee ranges from 20 to 40 cents per linear inch.

There is a minimum charge of $50 for quilting.

Turnaround time varies depending on the time of year, size of project, and difficulty level.

All over level 1 – These edge-to-edge designs are the simplest. They are made by following a pattern (called a pantograph) and the design is the same across the entire quilt top. Click here to see some of the available designs at this level.

All over level 2 – These edge-to-edge designs are more dense and the design is the same across the entire quilt.

Please note that for t-shirt quilts, the t-shirts must be interfaced. We are not able to quilt t-shirt quilts where the shirts have not been interfaced.

Preparing your quilt & backing

Click here to read the instructions for preparing your top and backing for longarming.

Quilt drop off

Click here to schedule an appointment to drop off your quilt.


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