New Bundle Thurs.. uh, I mean, Friday! Frida and Calaveras Bundles

After spending last weekend in Austin for Quiltcon, we’ve got the Southwest on the brain. Neither of us had been to Austin before and we loved it: Great food, art, quilts, the weather (well, mostly!)… the list goes on. These bundles were inspired by our trip, and in time to get your Day of the Dead projects started!

Frida Bundle


With this bundle, we started with the awesome Frida print in the middle and then built out, adding some other Alexander Henry Day of the Dead fabrics as well as some “blenders” to round out the mix.

Calaveras Bundle

calaveras bund

calaveras bundleIf this bundle doesn’t say “Day of the Dead” to you, nothing will! We love the intensity of colors and contrast in this bundle, and we think it would make a lovely quilt. Even a simple charm quilt with equally-sized squares would look fabulous. The Calaveras 7 pc Bundle is available in our shop here.

How to work with large-scale prints

Because both of these bundles feature a large-scale print, we thought we’d take a minute to tell you about a few of the ways we like to work with these larger-than-usual prints!

One of our favorite ways to use a large-scale print is to pick a pattern that allows a large cut of the fabric to show through in the design. For example, our free Charming Quilt Pattern does just that:



The two large sections in this simple pattern are perfect for showcasing a large-scale print like Frida in the first bundle or “Los Novios” in the second bundle.

Sometimes you know what quilt pattern you want to use, and it’s not one that has large sections of fabric like Charming. What do you do then? What we like to do in this case is fussy cut the large-scale fabric to get a good distribution of the design. (Not familiar with the term “fussy cut”? It just means “cut the print intentionally so that certain sections are highlighted.”) So for example, if you were going to fussy cut Frida to use for small squares, you would want to make sure her face was in the middle of (at least some of) the squares cut from that fabric.

Another way to use large scale prints is in larger borders or sashing in your quilts. This is especially fun if you cut up the print in the block piecing and then use large borders with the same print. The combination of the print cut up and as a whole adds a whole ‘nother level of interest!

Do you have any favorite tips for working with large-scale prints? How would you use these bundles?


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