Mariner Cloth is back in stock! Plus, a free pattern download


Alison Glass’s brand new Mariner Cloth is so popular, we sold out of it in under a week. But as of today, we have it back in stock because our reorder just arrived!

Mariner Cloth is totally different that the standard quilting cottons we quilters usually use. This fabric is woven less tightly than quilting cotton, and the stripes are created by the woven threads. Here’s a closeup:

As you can see, the texture is very different from normal quilting cotton where you generally can’t see the individual threads that were used to weave the fabric. Mariner Cloth is lighter weight and has a more drapey hand than quilting cotton, and it’s super cozy. The 10 colors that Alison has designed are fantastic, too!

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This fabric is an excellent choice for garments like the Willow Tank or a Scout Tee.

But we bet you are wondering how they work for piecing into quilts?

Check this out:


Andrea designed the Mariner’s Cabin Quilt to feature this fantastic new fabric at its best. And the large pieces and simple construction makes this quilt a fast make!

Tips for piecing with Mariner Cloth:

  1. The loose weave means Mariner Cloth frays more than other quilting fabric. We recommend starching the fabric before cutting to minimize the fraying.
  2. Because of the looser weave, we recommend piecing with a walking foot to get a better grip on the fabric as it goes through your machine.

If you follow our tips, you will enjoy making this graphic, quick quilt! Wouldn’t it look great with some hand quilting?

Download the free Mariner’s Cloth Quilt Pattern here.

Want to make this quilt exactly as shown? We have kits available!

Order a Mariner's Cabin Quilt Kit

Not a blue person? Andrea designed an alternate Pink colorway of this kit, too!

Order a Mariner's Cabin Quilt Kit

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