Lotta Jandotter Follie and Charlie Harper Nurture now in stock!

We have several new collections in the shop this week, but we’re going to focus on two that we’ve been eagerly awaiting. Lotta Jansdotter’s Follie from Windham andCharley Harper’s Organic Nurture from Birch!

Lotta Jansdotter Follie


Here at Gotham Quilts we love Lotta’s simple bold style and fresh color selections. These prints are great for the table top, as well as quilts and apparel.

Check out the full Follie collection here.


Click here for this free quilt pattern from Kitchen Table Quilting

And check out this ​​fun Follie quilt on A Film In The Fridge:


We have the whole Follie collection in stock, and there are bundles too!

Charlie Harper Nurture


This is the second Charley Harper collection from Birch. Andrea fell in love with the first collection and has been pretty excited about this one ever since she saw it at Spring Quilt Market in May. As a designer, she likes the way the motifs are put together to create really interesting stripes and geometric configurations, and not just plopped down on the fabric. This collection is perfect for quilts, apparel and accessories.

See the whole Nurture collection on our site here.

The Birch blog has even put together a few free patterns to get you started!

charley harper nuture baby quilt-8

Click here for a free tutorial for this quilt by Plum and June


​Click here for the free PDF pattern for the yellow pinafore dress by The Crafty Kitty

Shop now for Charlie Harper Nurture prints here.

We can’t wait to see what you make with these wonderful fabrics!

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