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Longarm Quilting at Gotham Quilts

COVID SHUTDOWN UPDATE: While the store is shut down we are offering longarm services via mail. Our talented longarmer will do the quilting for you and mail your quilt back to you.

Quilting is priced per square inch. Measure your quilt and multiply the length x width to calculate how many square inches your quilt measures. The rates are:
All over level 1 – $0.035/square inch
All over level 2 – $0.04/square inch
Custom – $0.05/square inch and up

Example: a 60×60 quilt is 3,600 square inches
All over level 1 – $126
All over level 2 – $144
Custom – $180 and up

Batting, backing, squaring, binding, and other services are available and priced separately. There is a minimum charge of $50 for quilting.

No appointment needed to drop off quilts, but appointments are available to discuss designs with longarmer. Turnaround time varies depending on the time of year, size of project, and difficulty level.

All over level 1 – These edge-to-edge designs are the simplest. They are made made by following a printed pattern (called a pantograph) and the design is the same across the entire quilt top. Click here to see some of the available designs at this level.

All over level 2 – These edge-to-edge designs are made entirely freehand but are still simple and done in an allover fashion, meaning the design is the same across the entire quilt.

Custom – Custom quilting refers to any quilting design that takes the piecing of the quilt top into account, as opposed to being done edge-to-edge ignoring the piecing. Many different effects can be achieved and the quilting can get quite complex, which is why it’s priced with at $.035/square in and up. Custom quilting will require some conversation with the quilter ahead of time to make sure we’re on the same page.

Got a quilt top ready to quilt? Click here to read the instructions for preparing your top and backing for longarming.

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