Let’s try this blogging thing again, shall we?

The last 6 or so months have been NUTS around here. I thought things were going to settle down at the beginning of April, but then we had some scheduling changes with our staff and April became May, and May became JUNE. Can I just ask: How the heck is it JUNE already, people!??!

At the risk of jinxing myself again, I think things are about to settle down a bit, and I’d like to get back to this space. In the last couple of weeks I’ve even managed to do some sewing!

I took the photo above this morning as a whipped through another block on the quilt that I’m making for my dad. Last time I visited them, at Christmas, my dad snuggled under my MOM’s quilt and looked so cute:

The reason he was using my mom’s quilt instead of his own? Because his is smaller and doesn’t cover him enough. While under my mom’s quilt, he asked me to make a bigger one, and I about melted. (Mind you it was about 75 degrees outside on this day!)

So, I decide to make him an Interrupted Log Cabin Quilt with the colors of American Made Brand solid fabric toned down to work in their living room. The quilt finishes at a very generous 80″x80″ so I think he’ll be very happy with the size. Here are some of the blocks in better daylight so you can get an idea of the color palette:

I’m now attempting to finish it before I leave for Florida to visit my new niece (!!!!), and make this quilt be a Father’s Day present.

I have a little more than half the blocks finished… do you think I’ll make it?

7 thoughts on “Let’s try this blogging thing again, shall we?

  1. Helen Beall says:

    Don’t know if you will make it by Fathers Day, but it looks like the perfect quilt for Dad! If you show him a photo of the blocks, he will have something to look forward to. (Older folks need that, too)

  2. Zandra says:

    That’s so neat, to be able to “tuck in” your dad so to speak, with those lovely color blocks! I like that the American Made fabrics, too, especially that luscious #96 Dark Indigo.

  3. Linda says:

    Any chance of a quilt kit on the horizon. Pattern and colors are great. please a pic of new niece as your convenience.

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