I’ve caught the La Pas bug

Like thousands of other quilters out there, I’ve caught the La Pas bug! If you don’t know what I’m referring to, it’s a pattern called La Passacaglia in a book called Millefiori Quilts. The quilts in the book didn’t appeal to me at all (they’re all dark and fairly traditionally-colored), but then I saw Tula Pink’s version of this crazy EPP project and my idea of what this pattern was completely changed!

Then, I found out that there’s a Facebook Group for people working on this pattern… and I basically lost my mind. I spent hours and hours looking through photos and commenting and planning. Then I finally ordered the book, papers, and templates from Paper Pieces and have slowly been working on it when I find a bit of couch time.

Here’s the start of my first cog:


When I made this one, I really had no idea what I was doing. I thread-basted all these pieces and then joined them (I prefer a ladder stitch join), and then immediately decided that all the ladies who were recommending glue basing were correct.

So for the second cog, I tried glue basting for the first time. I used the Sew What Sherlock Glue Basting Tutorial to learn how to glue baste, and I won’t be going back! I do like thread basting in general (I find it more fun than the joining step), but for this project it’s just way too much work.

Here’s the first section of the second cog, in all its glue-basted glory:


Whenever I can, I like to take photos of the fussy cut fabric on top of a piece of the fabric, so you can see how it looked before I cut it up and sewed it back together. I used the Waterfall print from Amy Butler’s Glow collection for this center, and I just LOVE how it created a star in the middle!

For the next round of diamonds, I went with a black-and-white text print (did you know we have dozens of text prints in stock?). Then for the giant pentagon round, I got a little stuck. I basically pulled out every fabric I have in my stash that I had at least a fat quarter of, and auditioned them all. Yes I’m crazy. In the end I chose a print from April Rhodes’ Arizona collection, and basted all the pentagons:


I intended to bring them with me to the Metro Mod Quilters Guild meeting this past weekend, but instead, I was responsible and brought a baby quilt that just needs it binding sewn on. I’m hoping I’ll get these pentagons added on this coming week!

Oh and before I sign off: I apologize in advance if my showing you this project makes you lose your mind and join in too 😉

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4 thoughts on “I’ve caught the La Pas bug

  1. Katie says:

    Beautiful. I use a combination of glue and thread basting in my projects. I glue the center of piece to the paper to secure and then thread baste the edges.

  2. Crafty Ashley B says:

    I’ve resisted so far… but only because Paper Pieces was out of stock of the book the last time I looked!
    Must resist the urge!! Love your pieces! Thanks for sharing the original fabric with the cog!

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