Introducing: Tokyo Milk fabric

Is there anything more exciting that new fabric coming in? You’re probably expecting us to say “no,” but actually, the answer is yes: it’s even more exciting when the new fabric is a new designer’s debut collection, which looks like no other quilting cotton on the market today!

Free Spirit Fabrics has added a new designer to their lineup: Tokyo Milk. They’re known for their skincare line with its packaging featuring fantastical artwork… and now they’re bringing that artwork to the quilting word with their debut quilting cotton collection, Neptune and the Mermaid.

When our sales rep showed us these fabrics for the first time, our response was “woah, these are weird… in a good way!” The colors are vibrant, the depth of the art is intriguing, and the large scale is a fun change from the usual. We’ve picked 6 of our favorite prints from the debug collection and have them ready to ship out to you now.

First up is Neptune’s Neverland in Navy — you know we can’t pass up a good octopus print, right? The combination of roses and the octopus, all on a bright navy background, is making us swoon. We cannot wait to see someone make a pleated skirt with this one!

Lost Atlantis in Ivory continues the roses-and-ocean theme, but this time instead of an octopus we’ve got goldfish and mermaids. Because… why not? The scale of this one is quite large, as you can see in this tote bag photo:

When you have a large-scale fabric like this one, it is useful to pair it with a coordinating print in a smaller scale, like they’ve done in this sample tote bag. The smaller scale plays off and enhances the larger one, letting the large one shine.

Next up is the most versatile print in this group: Oceanus.

This print is still large-scaled, but because it’s more of a blender, it’s easier to use in your regular quilting projects. It comes in two colors: a Navy

… and an Aqua. We love the movement and shading in this one!

My favorite print in the group is this one, entitled What Would Poseidon Say? in Yellow. Those bathing ladies and blue goldfish are just too much! Wouldn’t this be a great option for fussy cutting?

Last but not least we have Song of the Siren in Aqua, which features the man we can only assume is the bathing beauty’s boyfriend taking a dive into the dream ocean. The colors in this one are so pretty!

Are you think “these are fun and all, but how will they work in a real quilt…”? Then check this out:

Free Spirit has designed an easy quarter-square-triangle quilt using these Tokyo Milk fabrics so you can see how they work up in a patchwork design. This pattern is called Atlantis Lost and you can download the instructions here.

We’ve put together a 7-piece Neptune and the Mermaid Bundle using 5 of these prints plus two small-scale blenders to enhance them. Choose from fat quarter, half yard, or full yard bundles!

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