HUGE SALE: Save 25% off a new BERNINA in August

During the entire month of August 2018, we’re running a HUGE sale on BERNINA machines:

Get 25% off MSRP when you bring in a used sewing machine to “trade in” for your new BERNINA. The used machine does NOT need to be a BERNINA — any brand is eligible!

The BERNINA Trade In Trade Up promotion works like this:

Bring in a used sewing machine to “trade in” for a new BERNINA machine at 25% off MSRP. The used machine does NOT have to be a BERNINA — any brand is eligible!

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Which models of BERNINAs are on sale?
A: Every single model! All sewing machines, overlock/sergers, and quilting machines are 25% off with a trade in.

Q: What model of sewing machine can be brought in for the “trade in”?
A: Any model of sewing machine is eligible! The traded in machine does NOT have to be a BERNINA.

Q: How do you determine the “trade in value”?
A: This sales lowers the price of the new BERNINA by 25% off MSRP in return for “trading in” a used machine. No matter which model of machine you bring in, the discount off the new machine is 25% off MSRP.

Q: What is the sale price of each model?
A: We have the prices displayed in the store. Come in or give us a call at 212-220-3958 for pricing on specific models.

Q: Are there any financing deals?
A: Yes! ON AUGUST 2-6 ONLY Purchasers of a BERNINAs whose sale price is over $3,000 are eligible to apply for 0% financing for 48 months. If you’re interested in the financing deal, please come in or call us at 212-220-3958. The financing deal ONLY applies to machines purchased by August 6th.

Come into the store today to find out more!

Questions? Email us at and we’ll get right back to you.

What model BERNINA is right for you?

We’re quilters, so you know we’re big fans of the BERNINA models that focus on quilters’ needs. We have 350PE‘s in our classroom, and they’re wonderful quilting workhorses! As a 3/4 size machine, it’s also a great size for our tiny NYC homes.

The 350PE comes with a walking foot and a 1/4″ foot, has tons of stitches including two alphabets, and sews beautifully whether you are piecing or doing free motion quilting. It has a knee lift, too! See all the 350PE features here.

If you’re more of a “no bells and whistles” type who wants a sock-solid mechanical-only machine, the 1008 is the machine for you. This is the only sewing machine in the BERNINA line that has no computer in it, and it’s the #1 choice for Broadway costumers. See all the 1008 features here.

Andrea’s favorite machine is the new 570QE. This full size machine features 7.5″ of throat space and comes packed with everything you need as a quilter. It has the new larger bobbin (yippee!), a built-in dual feed, and includes the BERNINA STITCH REGULATOR (BSR) for beautiful, stitch-regulated, free motion quiltingClick here to learn more about the 570QE.

You may have heard that this year is BERNINA’s 125th anniversary. To celebrate, they’ve come out with limited-edition Anniversary Editions of some of the most popular models. The 790E is a luxurious machine that can do everything from garments to embroidery, and the Anniversary Edition includes $3,600 worth of “golden goodies” that are not available to purchase separately. Click here to see the 790E Anniversary Edition brochure.

The Trade in Trade Up sale applies to ALL models of BERNINAs, including overlock/sergers. Have you considered adding a serger to your arsenal? Working with a serger means saving time and sewing fast. The L450 allows you to cut, sew, and finish in a single step! Click here to download the L450 brochure.

Curious about sergers but never used one before? Sign up for our weekend-long Overlock School event in October. Click here to learn more.

There are lots of other models in the lineup and we’d love to work with you to find the one that’s perfect for you. Come into the store anytime, or call us at 212-220-3958 today.

PS – Remember, the 25% off MSRP trade in sale is good ONLY during the month of August. On September 1st, the machines go back to full price!

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