Howdy cowboy and cowgirl cut-n-sew dolls are here

Stacy Iest Hsu, the designer who brought us the adorable Hansel & Gretel dolls, the Bunny dolls, and the Superhero dolls, has a brand-new cut-n-sew panel out, and this time the dolls are… a cowboy and a cowgirl! How cute is that!?!

Unlike her previous panels, this time each doll is its own panel, so you can choose to make just the cowboy or just the cowgirl. Although we think they are even cuter if you make the pair!

Get the cowboy and cowgirl dolls

If you’re not familiar with the concept of “cut-n-sew” designs, the image above shows what the cowboy panel looks like. You’re buying a 1-yard length of fabric, which is printed with all the pieces necessary to make the doll playset. In this case, each panel makes the doll, the doll’s bandana, a little quilt, matching pillow, and an adorable hobby horse.

Also printed right on the fabric are instructions for putting the pieces together. Essentially you will cut around each piece and then stitch it together, adding stuffing or batting where necessary. These come together much faster than following a traditional stuffie pattern where you have to gather fabrics, transfer pattern pieces, etc. And the finished playset is just as cute!

Get the cowboy and cowgirl dolls now

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