Hello from Quilt Market!

Andrea and I are at Quilt Market until Monday, checking out (and buying!) all the exciting new things that are coming out for you. Market is always a whirlwind of activity, inspiration, and catching up with people we don’t see except for once a year. It’s super fun but also exhausting.


This year, the first thing that happened is we got stuck on the plane trying to leave Newark airport. United loaded us all onto the plane, THEN told us that there was a 50 minute delay because — get this — the PILOTS weren’t there. It was about a zillion degrees in the plane and we sat waiting on the runway for what seemed like forever. Then when we got pilots, we were number 18 on the line for takeoff! We arrived in our hotel room at 1am Houston time (which was 2am our time!) and promptly crawled in bed and went to sleep.


Day 1 of Quilt Market was the Schoolhouse day — that’s the day when various companies put on small talks/demonstrations/sessions on various topics. It’s the day where we all run around like crazy between rooms to see and learn everything that’s new. There is always so much to see! So Andrea and I usually split up the sessions to try to cover as much ground as possible. In this photo you can see the concentration that goes into reading all the descriptions and planning out our course for the day.


It will come as no surprise to you that one of the highlights of Market for me is getting to see Tula Pink. This year she did a schoolhouse session with Angela Walters for their new book, and I cannot wait until we have it because you are going to LOVE it. Here’s my favorite quilt from their book:


There are 17 quilt patterns in the book and 50+ quilting designs in it. I can not adequately explain to you how excited I am for this new book! It is called Quilting with Tula and Angela and we will have it next month.


Tula’s booth for her next fabric collection, Tabby Road, is simply fantastic. The psychedelic colors make me smile and seeing all the fun projects she’s showing in it was amazing! That kitten head quilt on the right is made with the Elizabeth Hartman The Kittens pattern, and the diamonds quilt in the back is going to be a free pattern from Tula once the collection comes out in March.


Tula and I didn’t have much time to chat today because we were running around to appointments all day, but we did manage to get a photo in! I was wearing my fangirl shirt so it was perfect. Full disclosure: I wear this t-shirt on a weekly basis 😉

You may have heard that there’s a madhouse called “Sample Spree” every year at Quilt Market. This event is a crazy few hours where the manufacturers set up booths and the attendees can shop for collections way before they actually come out. In years past, we’ve scored bundles from everybody from Art Gallery to Cotton + Steel, and it’s always intense.

This year, we got on the line about half an hour before Sample Spree started, and this is what our view looked like:


Even for Sample Spree, this was pretty intense! When the doors finally opened, people all but RAN in to start shopping.

What was the big draw this year? The fact that Free Spirit Fabrics, manufacturers of fabrics like Tula’s, Denyse Schmidt, Amy Butler, etc, had a booth for the first time ever!

This was the insanity at the Free Spirit booth:


People were literally shoving each other to try to get to the front of the line. It was pretty insane, even within the context of Sample Spree! I managed to snag a little bit of Tabby Road and then carefully held onto it until it was my turn to pay. I think the staff in the Free Spirit booth had no idea what they were in for when they signed up to participate in this! But I sure am glad they did because this means we’re going to be able to make a sample in Tabby Road before the fabric ships out to us in March… which is super helpful!

I took a bunch more photos but I’ll wait to do another post tomorrow with them. Follow us on Instagram for up-to-the-minute updates of what we’re seeing a market!

Have anything you want me to look for/share? Leave a comment and tell me and I’ll be sure to look for it!

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  1. Sharon says:

    JUST FYI I have been on several United flights where we had to wait for pilots. On one flight they “found a Pilot” and recruited him to fly the plane – I was not on that one but always wondered if he know where they were to go!

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