Friedlander fabrics are here and 15% off!

It’s here, it’s here! Carolyn Friedlander’s newest fabric collection has arrived!

The collection is called Friedlander, named for Carolyn’s paternal grandfather whose farm she grew up on. We’ve got all 25 different quilting cotton prints as well as some of the lawns, and we can’t wait to start cutting into them to make some new projects.

To celebrate this new collection’s arrival, we have everything on sale for 15% off until Friday, January 27th!

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The first fabric we want to talk about is called Green Wall, and it comes in 6 different colors in quilting cotton as well as one in the cotton lawn. We love the intricacy of the drawing, the fresh color combinations, and the abstract floral/tree feeling. Isn’t that black-and-white one divine?!?

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Another favorite in this group is Elevation, which comes in Peach, Sky, and White (which is actually a white-on-white). For some reason this print makes us think of train tracks… but in a good way.

Perhaps the most iconic print in the group is Aerial, another abstract print. Can you tell that it depicts farms as seen from a plane window?

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The most subtle print in this collection is called Shirting (how great is that name!?!) and it comes in some intriguing, and surprisingly usable, color combinations. We can’t tell exactly what that little shape is supposed to be… is it a letter d? Or p? Or a tiny bowler hat? But whatever it is, it’s charming for sure. Our favorite color has to be Orchid: who would ever have though to pair dusty lavender with brown? And yet, it somehow totally works!

Last but not least, we had to show you the great Tree Stripe print. It has a large repeat that forms a stripe pattern, and the abstract organic tree artwork sucks you in to examine all its details. We can’t wait to see someone fussy cut this one into a kaleidoscope repeating pattern…

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A 9-piece Friedlander Color Bundle featuring our favorite colorful fabrics from the group…

And a 9-piece Friedlander Low Volume Bundle. It’s hard to decide which bundle we like more.

From now until midnight on Friday, January 27th, get 15% off the entire Friedlander collection!

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