First heart quilt for #quiltsforpulse

During our Social Sewing quilting class this past Saturday, I had some time to sew myself and thought I’d start a Quilts for Pulse quilt (if you haven’t read our previous blog post about how you can help the Orlando Modern Quilt guild collect quilts for the victims, please click here to learn more). I somehow got it into my head that I was going to design a pixelated heart quilt… but luckily, I googled to see if a pattern already existed, and, no surprise, there was one!

The Pixelated Heart Quilt is a free pattern from Robert Kaufman, and it’s exactly what I had in mind. It would totally work for this project to have mixed up rainbow colors in no particular order, like in their pattern photo, but I decided it would be fun to lay the colors out in rainbow order.

After a lot of fabric auditioning, here’s the final heart layout I settled on:


Initially I was going to go with a white background like in the pattern, to make the heart really pop, but then I thought… that’s kind of boring. So I started pulling some of my favorite low volume fabrics and filled the background up with lots of different fabrics, giving the quilt even more depth and charm:


When I had it all laid out on our design wall, I got chills. That patchwork of background fabrics makes me think of our wonderfully diverse country, and how our differences add up to a stronger, greater whole. I don’t tend to get sentimental but this quilt has definitely taken me there. I’m so glad the Orlando guild put out this call, so that I could take the time to think and reflect. And the final quilt is going to be one of the best I’ve ever made, I can already tell.

Yesterday I finished piecing about half the quilt top, and I’m hoping to finish the rest of the piecing tonight. My plan is to quilt it with a simple loop-de-loop pattern, and bind it with one of the rainbow colors. This was such a fast quilt to pull together, I may just make another one…

5 thoughts on “First heart quilt for #quiltsforpulse

  1. bernice rubin says:

    yep. this one’s for me. if I just make the top and bring in backing fabric and batting will you guys quilt it? thanks. Bernice

    • Ivete says:

      I’m not sure if we’ll be able to quilt it, but they are accepting everything from fabric to finished quilts, so we will definitely send it along and they’ll be able to use it. Thank you!

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