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Our Favorite Things Day 6: Canvas Adjustable Lamp

Our Favorite Things Day 6: Canvas Adjustable Lamp

Is good lighting when you're stitching possibly the most important tool in your toolbox? We think so!

We're huge fans of the Canvas Lamp, which we use both as task lighting when we're working and also to record videos without our phones.

Canvas Light with Sewing Machine

Ivete took the photo above in her sewing room, with the overhead light on and the machine light off, and the Canvas light on the highest setting. See how bright the light is!? Total game changer!

Features we love:

  • Adjustable in tons of different directions
  • Ring light has lots of settings options, to change the warmth and the brightness of your light to be perfect for your space
  • Sturdy base keeps the lamp upright even if you stretch the light way out
  • Comes with a desk clamp so you can use it either as a table top lamp or clamped to your desk
  • Lots of options and accessories available to customize your lamp exactly how you'd like
  • The company has amazing customer service and support, including a library of videos to help you learn

We can't sell these lamps ourselves but we love them so much, we signed up to be affiliates for the company. If you buy one from the links in this blog post, we'll get a small commission.

Shop Canvas Lamp options at

Want to see one in action? Watch Jen's video!


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