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9-patch Block Math

9-patch Block Math

9-patch blocks are classic blocks that work for modern and traditional quilts alike.

All you do is cut 9 squares the same size and piece them together into a checkerboard!

What size squares should I cut?

Here's a handy chart of the most common size blocks.

On the left is the size of the finished block you're aiming for, on the right is the size of the squares to cut.

Our chart uses a standard 1/4" seam allowance.

Finished Block Size Cut Squares
2.25" 1.25"
3" 1.5"
4.5" 2"
6" 2.5"
7.5" 3"
9" 3.5"
10.5" 4"
12" 4.5"


What if I want to make a different size block?

We've got you covered there, too!

We made a handy Google sheet you can use to enter any size finished block and get back the correct size to cut.

Click here to access the Google Sheet now.


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