Elizabeth Hartman’s Awesome Ocean quilt pattern is here

We just opened a big box of new stuff and one of the most exciting new things that arrived is the Awesome Ocean Quilt Pattern from Elizabeth Hartman! This is her newest addition to her awesome critter quilt line, and we love it so much we’ve already started making a sample…

Get the Awesome Ocean Quilt pattern now

We also have many of her other patterns, including the butterfly quilt called Lepidoptera (a little girl would LOVE this one!)

Get the Lepidoptera Quilt pattern now

And her best-selling pattern, Fancy Forest, featuring all the cute forest animals we know and love.

Get the Fancy Forest Quilt pattern now

In fact, we love Fancy Forest so much, Andrea designed her own custom colorway for it! We have fat quarter and fat eight bundles available of her colorway… just add a backing and you’re on your way.

Get the bundle

We’ve also got a lot of other Elizabeth Hartman quilt patterns in stock. Check them out here.

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