Join us for a weekend of sewing fun... all from the comfort of your own home. Stay home, wear your PJ's, and sew all weekend with fellow fabric nerds!

This retreat centers around the Quilt Block Cookbook book. This book has patterns for 50 different 12" blocks that can be combined in limitless ways. Use one of the 7 quilt layouts offered in the book or create your own!

Everyone will receive a copy of the book, but of course, but if you want to join the retreat to sew something else, you're welcome to.

We will be hosting this Virtual Retreat on Zoom via our new Gotham Quilts Community, with scheduled times to get together to chat, show off our progress, and have giveaways. It's going to be a ton of fun!

Retreat Schedule (times are NYC local time):
4-6pm Friday: Welcome greeting and introductions
6-10pm Friday: Open sewing time with drop in Zoom
8pm Friday: Quarantini Hour

10am Saturday: Morning greeting 
10am-10pm Saturday: Open sewing time with drop in Zoom
2pm Saturday: Share your progress
8pm Saturday: Quarantini Hour

10am Sunday: Morning greeting
10am-3pm Sunday: Open sewing time with drop in Zoom
3pm Sunday: Show & Tell send-off

Attendees are welcome to attend any or all of the scheduled Zoom times and come and go at your own pace.

Retreat packages include :
Quilt Block Cookbook Book
9 piece Surprise Fat Quarter Bundle -- use these fabrics during the retreat or save them for later!
Gotham Quilts Vinyl Project Bag 
Plus a couple of extra surprise "goodies"!

At checkout, choose shipping or store pickup for your retreat package.


Q: How is a "retreat" different from a class?
A: There is no formal instruction in a retreat, each person chooses their own project and sews at their own pace. Everyone chats while stitching, and those who want to collaborate or help each other can do so.

Q: Do I need to do any prep work before the retreat starts?
A: It's totally up to you. Some people like to plan out their project or choose fabrics, others like to start from zero at the beginning of the retreat and see how much they can do in a weekend.

Q: What fabrics are in the mystery bundle? Do I need to use them in my retreat project?
A: The fabrics are a surprise, curated just for this retreat. Use the fabrics in your retreat project if you want, or save them for later, it's up to you.

Q: Do I need to be online the entire time?
A: Absolutely not, we expect people to pop in and out as they wish throughout the weekend.

Q: When will the retreat package arrive?
A: Packages will arrive at your home (or be ready for pickup) at least 2 weeks before the retreat starts.

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