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A to Z Animal Panel

24" x 44" A to Z Animals Panel. SKU SRKD-18975-1

Art Theory Grand Circle in Day

Panel measures approx. 24" x 42". 100% cotton quilting fabric. 

Art Theory Grand Circle in Night

Panel measures approx. 24" x 42". 100% cotton quilting fabric.

Couture Parisienne Postales Panel

Vintage mannequin with French script and postal markings. Panel measures approx. 24" x 43".
$9.99 $7.00

Deck the Halls Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Panel

Twenty-five festive ornaments and a big beautiful tree makes for a perfect cut and sew panel. Use it as a decoration, an advent calendar or even make it into a...
$14.99 $9.99

Festival of Lights Table Runner Panel

This panel features pieces to make a table runner. Finished table runner size is approximately 11 1/2" x 84". Panel size is 24" x 43 1/2". 100% cotton quilting fabric....

Happy Howlidays Panel

Panel measures approx. 36” x 44”. 100% Cotton quilting fabric. 120-21836

Lil Red Doll Cut-n-Sew Panel

This cut-n-sew panel has all the pieces needed to sew the Lil Red playset, including the doll and all her accessories. 20500-11. 100% cotton quilting fabric.

Moonlit Forest Panel in Teal

Artwork and quilt labels by Sara Watts. Panel measures 33" x 44". 100% cotton quilting fabric.
$13.99 $9.99

Old Made Main Panel

This panel features a sewing-themed "Old Made" card box. Panel size is 24" x 43 1/2". 100% Cotton
$13.99 $10.39

On the Go Canvas Play Mat

This canvas cut-and-sew interactive play mat is filled with roads and all the things you'd find in a big city. Kids can use their toy cars, trucks and planes to...

Riptide Cut & Sew Stuffie Panel

This panel features designs and instructions for a sting ray stuffie, two shark pillows and a tooth fairy pillow. 100% Cotton. Panel is approx. 36” x 44”.

Safari Life Soft Book Cut-n-Sew Panel

One panel will make a fabric book with handles and 2 finger puppets. Panel is approximately 36" by 60"

Urban Zoologie Pillow Panel

Pre-printed panel to sew into animal pillows. SKU AAK-17552-205, 100% cotton quilting fabric.
$13.99 $7.50