Preorder Alison Glass’s next Handcrafted Fabric collection

Alison Glass has announced her next addition to the “handcrafted” modern batik line, and we think it’s her best one yet! This new group, due out in June, is called Chroma and it brings us the same signature Alison color sense but with smaller scale prints, which are easier to work with in quilt projects. […]

Preorder the Tula Pink Spirit Animal Wayfinder Kit

WOW. That’s what we said when we saw the quilt that Tula has designed, in collaboration with Stacey Day, for her next fabric collection. Her next group doesn’t come out until September, but given how fantastic this limited edition quilt kit is, we know it’s going to sell out WAY before the usual cut off […]

Introducing our new quilt pattern: New York Neighbors

This weekend at the Empire Quilters Guild Quilt Show, we debuted our newest original quilt pattern: New York Neighbors. Ever since we designed our 2016 Row by Row fire escape pattern, we’ve been talking about using it to make a wall hanging that shows a slice of NYC life. This pattern is everything we imagined […]

March to May quilting & sewing class schedule

Our new class schedule is ready, and registration is now open for classes! We’re teaching everything from beginner quiltmaking to free motion quilting to hand stitching and bag sewing right here in our NYC studio. You can always see the class calendar on our website here, or click the button below to download a PDF […]

Heather Ross Sleeping Porch is here and 15% off

The newest fabric collection from Heather Ross is here, and this time she’s decided to bring us a group of lawns! The collection is called Sleeping Porch and it features her signature artwork, but this time the designs are not as child-like as her collections usually are. If you’ve always loved her artwork but wished […]