4/12 Empire Quilters Guild Pat Pauly “Take Two” Workshop 11-5

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This Empire Quilters Guild Workshop meets on Friday, April 12th 11am-5pm. Empire Guild members should register via the guild to get discounted member pricing.

Pat Pauly visits us from Rochester, New York. A sought-after lecturer and teacher in contemporary fiber arts, Pat Pauly shares her wealth of knowledge from decades of working in design. Recognized nationally and internationally for her work that evokes bold and graphic natural forms. Her art quilts have been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions. Her workshops focus on design and technique, as well as when to apply the rules, and when to toss them out.

Take Two is one workshop focusing on designing abstract contemporary quilts. We’ll grab only two hunks of fabric to make a piece that explodes! This is a great class for those who use artist-made fabric, or have a large scale commercial print. I’ll show you how to design with improvisational piecing, letting the fabric do the work. We’ll do some warm up design exercises, then dive in and cut up that great fabric. Leave the rulers and templates behind, gain strength in cutting freehand, and discover how to use your fabric in a strong composition.


Rotary cutter with largest cutting mat you can handle
Plastic ruler for rotary cutting
Iron and ironing surface
Fabric: Ten 1 ¼ -1 ½ yard hunks of fabric no larger.

We will pick only 2 with good contrast to each other. They should “play well together” but still be different enough to contrast. Choose from commercial or hand-made fabric, keeping an eye out for large scale graphic, fabrics that change color or design across the piece, or bold and changing patterns.

For ideas (not to purchase the exact suggestions!) take a look on line at my Pinterest board called “Take Two Fabric Suggestions” under my name Pat Pauly. Here is the link: https://www.pinterest.com/patpauly/

Optional: purchase my fabric at the workshop, and play with them along with two or three of your own to learn how to work with different fabrics.