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2020 Collection Quilt Block of the Month

2020 Collection Quilt Block of the Month

Collection quilt in progress

Presenting our first-ever Block of the Month program!


In 2020 we will be running our first-ever Block of the Month (BOM) program using Carolyn Friedlander's Collection Quilt pattern.

Carolyn designed the Collection Quilt as a skill builder for learning needle-turn applique, a popular handwork technique. Her pattern has 9 "collections," her name for different sections of the quilt (they're not "blocks" as they're all different shapes). We will start with the easiest "collection" in month 1 and reach the hardest in the last month.

Andrea and Ivete designed a 10th "collection," the border, to bring the finished quilt size up to 52" x 63" (you can leave the border off to end up with a quilt that measures 40.5” x 51.5”).

BOM Timeline

This BOM runs for 10 months, from January 2020 to October 2020.

What's included for participants?

  • 1 pattern each month
  • 1 meeting each month
  • Monthly fabric pack (optional)
  • Membership in our BOM Facebook Group where you can share your progress, get help, and socialize with other quilters

What do you mean by "meetings"?

The monthly meetings are in our classroom on the 3rd Thursday of the month and led by our BOM facilitator, Jen Strauser. You may know her as our longarm quilter -- she also does gorgeous handwork!

There are two meeting times: 1-1:45pm or 6-6:45pm. You don't have to commit to afternoon or evening, come to the one that works for your schedule each month.

During the meeting, Jen will demo a portion of that month's "collection," focusing on any tricky bits. You'll be able to pick up your monthly packet then, too.

FUN BONUS: Bring the prior month's finished "collection" and you will get a prize! Must be present to claim.

Not local or miss a meeting? Don't worry, we'll be streaming the meeting live in our BOM Facebook Group so that you can participate remotely (or rewatch the demo later if you need a refresher!).

It's not a race, but...

The first BOM member to finish their quilt top after the 10th month wins FREE LONGARMING OF THEIR QUILT!

Who will finish first!?

BOM Options & Prices

Singnups are now closed.


Q: What fabrics will I get?
A: All the fabrics are exactly the same as shown in the photo of the finished quilt. Many of these fabrics have been discontinued so we have a limited number of spots available.

Q: Can I participate if I don't live in the NYC area?
A: YES! Non-local members will attend the meetings and watch the demos virtually via our Facebook group. The group is a great place to get support, post photos, and make new friends!

Q: Is the BOM available internationally?
A: YES! For international members, we will save you shipping costs by shipping the full package in January rather than sending 10 shipments each with a shipping charge. Choose the INTERNATIONAL option and enter you mailing address at checkout to calculate your shipping charge.

Questions? Comments?

Email us at and we'll get right back to you!