🐱 The cutest new cat fabrics just arrived

You know how much we love cat fabric around here, right? Well the newest cat collection to arrive has us all repeating “aww!” multiple times a day!

Riley Blake’s new Meow and Forever fabric collection has everything you want in a cat group: great art, a mix of scales, and usable colors. Check out the prints in this 21-piece collection:

The main print is called Meow and Forever and comes in 3 colors. As you can see from the ruler, the scale is pretty small (each cat is about 1″ wide and 1.5″ tall).

In addition to cats, there are also fish and fish bones tossed in this print. If you look really closely, there are also sardine cans! We’re pretty sure we’ve never seen a sardine can in a quilting cotton before 😂

In the Fish print, we get a print filled with the fish parts of the last print without the actual cats.

And those sardine cans are here again! This print’s even smaller scale makes it a great blender.

With the Heads print, we get cute cat heads all lined up in a grid.

We love that some of the cats have more prominent features and whiskers, giving each of them a personality!

And speaking of facial details, check out this print called Faces. This is the most subtle print in the group as it doesn’t yell CATS unless you look really closely…

Do you see the kitty features in there? This is Ivete’s favorite print in the group because of its whimsy and subtlety. Sneak this one into a project to add a little secret “I’m really into cats” touch!

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New class calendar

Have you checked out the GIANT Jan-April class calendar yet?

We’re teaching everything from beginning quilting to advanced techniques like free motion quilting and foundation paper piecing. Come join Andrea, Nancy, Reyna, and our special guest teachers like Sarah Bond, Libs Elliott, and Lisa Calle to learn something new this fall!

Click here to download the class schedule

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